Our Story

With the global demand for physicians on the rise, Prince Edward Island has recognized the opportunity to showcase its unique advantages as the ultimate destination for medical professionals seeking a fulfilling life and career.

Imagine a place where you not only practice medicine, but truly belong and find unwavering support. A place where you and your family will effortlessly see Prince Edward Island as your new home. Where you can specialize in life.

Our commitment is to ensure that physicians seamlessly integrate into our proud and distinctive healthcare system, our vibrant communities, and the very fabric of Island life. We aspire for these connections to be lasting, meaningful, and mutually rewarding. After all, we are not just hiring medical practitioners; we are welcoming future colleagues, neighbors, and friends.

To create a successful and transformative recruitment experience, we knew we had to break the mold. In 2021, Prince Edward Island collaborated closely with key healthcare stakeholders to craft a recruitment process that is streamlined, positive, and centralized, ensuring a warm welcome for physicians.

Our dedicated PEI physicians eagerly support the process by engaging in virtual discussions with prospective applicants and extending invitations for site visits, introducing newcomers to the community of physicians.

Both the government and Health PEI (the hiring body) are committed to aligning job opportunities with the interests of potential PEI physicians. We ensure that high-quality information is readily available to help candidates make well-informed choices, and we’ve made the hiring process straightforward and transparent. In just the first year of our renewed efforts, we witnessed a remarkable 55 percent increase in the number of physicians choosing Prince Edward Island as their new home.

At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that every physician joining PEI knows, among countless other options, that their decision to embrace Prince Edward Island was unequivocally the right one.

The Department of Health and Wellness Recruitment and Retention Secretariat

The Department of Health and Wellness provides oversight to health services in the province in accordance with the Health Services Act. It establishes an accountability framework, standards for health services, performance targets, policy or guidelines for the management of operations and delivery of services and approves business plans and budgets.

The Department also provides leadership in all matters related to public health and health promotion and informs policy to improve the health and well-being of citizens.

Health PEI 

Health PEI is an arm’s length crown corporation responsible for the operation and delivery of publicly funded health care services in Prince Edward Island (PEI). In accordance with the Health Services Act, the Health PEI Board of Directors sets the strategic direction for Health PEI within the parameters of the Act and subject to direction from the Minister of Health and Wellness. Through the Board Chair, the Board is accountable to the Minister for the management and control of Health PEI as established in the Act. The Board is connected to the operational organization, its achievements and conduct through the Chief Executive Officer of Health PEI.