Enjoy Coastal Living on Prince Edward Island

A Place for Everyone

Prince Edward Island is quiet and peaceful with more than 50 communities from tip-to-tip. People live in small fishing villages, charming towns, sprawling farming communities, or in one of our two thriving cities.

Enjoy the small Island feel that will have you minutes away from work and 15 minutes from one of our many pristine beaches or excellent schools. Say goodbye to a long commute, and look forward to discovering all the Island has to offer with your newfound spare time!

We are proud of our safe communities and the emphasis we put on living our best lives while still leaving a big mark on our world in innovation, bioscience, and technology.

Getting Here

There are three convenient ways to get to Prince Edward Island. Whether you drive across the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick, take a ferry ride from Nova Scotia, or fly into the Charlottetown airport, you’ll find our Island easy to navigate.

Closer Than You Think

From direct flights out of our Charlottetown airport, to a bridge toll in Borden, to a beautiful and relaxing ferry ride, you are kilometres away from your next destination.


3.5 hour drive


2 hour direct flight


2 hour direct flight

New York Skyline Empire State Building New York is not far from PEI by airplane.

New York City

4.5 hour flight

Boston Skyline Prudential Building Boston is not far from PEI by airplane.


4.5 hour flight


18 hour flight

Dominican Republic

9-10 hour flight seasonal


9-10 hour flight seasonal

A Thriving Economy

From community to community and sector to sector, passionate residents drive the economy of Prince Edward Island forward. Our agriculture, fishing, bioscience, culinary, tourism, and innovation industries continue to thrive with the hard work of our people.

Our province’s population is the fastest growing in Canada for the sixth year in a row. As we invite more people into our province, we continue to grow in our leading sectors and our rich culture. 

Economic Highlights 

  • Population: 167, 680 (as of April 1, 2022).
  • 3.1% population increase since 2021.
  • Full-time employment on Prince Edward Island is higher than the national average in Canada.
  • Prince Edward Island is the ideal home for those seeking a new professional destination.

Diversity on the Island

You might not expect Prince Edward Island to be culturally rich with a population of 167, 000. But more and more people are choosing to call the Island home, and our tight-knit communities are becoming increasingly diverse. 

We celebrate diversity with annual Powwows (Mawi’moi) in the First Nations and on Panmure Island, the Diwali festival, Chinese and Lebanese New Year celebrations, DiverseCity Multicultural street festivals, and other events held across the Island to showcase food, music, dance, arts, and crafts. These festivals include about 80 different cultures and represent 48 countries.

No matter where you’re coming from, your race, ethnicity, or identity, our goal is to help you feel at home on PEI. We promote a supportive work environment that respects and values diversity and inclusion, and we are an equal opportunity employer.

Mi’kmaq – the First People of Epekwitk (PEI) – have called this beautiful island home for more than 12,000 years. Fast forward in history and our Island roots diversify to include French, English, Black, Acadian, Irish, Scottish, Lebanese, and more.